24 Push-Ups Week

So, last week started with a great achievement: 24 for regular push-ups!!! I mean TWENTY-FOUR!!! I would have NEVER thought that I could do it, but my trainer was sure I can do 10-8-6 and I DID it!! I was so proud of myself and so sore on the following day 😀 The problem is that from now on this will be the baseline, hahahah. Besides that not much happened, I know it is sad, but this is true! I learnt that couples are breaking up. This should be good news for me, meaning that men are freeing up, but I feel sorry for them. They are sweet and everything. Also, one of my ex-colleagues ( who I like a lot, btw) and we chatted about all kinds of stuff for a whole day again, but he has not asked me to marry him or to have a drink with him, so I don’t know and I don’t understand him at all. On Friday I was completely out of my mind: my trainer asked me to take my phone to the gym in case he would be late. So I took my phone AND my change clothes to the gym! What for? I have no idea! Then I left my locker’s key in the gym and at the end of the day I went shopping for 3 (three) things: potatoes, eggs and sour cream. I bought the whole store and realized when I got home that I have not boughts eggs. So I just decided to open a bottle of wine and get this week over with or at least the working days, otherwise I would lose my head as well, but fortunately it is permanenetly fixed to its position! 🙂


Men… What Would We Do Without Them?

Since finding my better half is also in the scope of the project (rockyourlifeby35), I must share some info about that as well. So far, no good news, even though I have been to dates in the past 2 weeks. Dates in plural because I went to 2! Yes, they were from the dating app or sexing app or whatever we want to call it. And this is the story of the first one. So we matched on Sunday, started talking and agreed to meet the next day. Time and place agreed, he was telling me all cool stuff, he was funny and seemed to be witty and all, but I had to delay the meeting due to work. So, me met half an hour later. He already told me that he is such a MAN with all capital letters, he is good looking, mature, wants to have a family, bla bla bla. He also shared with me that he is a mechanical manager. Engineers and mechanics impress me a lot, so I WAS impressed. We chatted about how critical he is about his looks and everything in his life, that I liked a lot, since I am the same way, too. So I arrive to the place earlier, went to do some shopping beforehand and when he arrived… well, he was not what I expected. Short, dirty shoes and in worn-out clothes. We went for a walk in the shopping mall (!!!) and after the 3rd round I suggested we sit down somewhere, but not in a bar or anything. We were talking about my job, my life, his life, what we want to do in the future, our dates from online dating apps. Or rather I was talking and sharing my stories, mainly the shocking ones as I don’t really have decent ones. And he started criticizing me and telling me that I am too demanding and don’t want to help men to grow up and develop. I was like: WHAT?! I told him that I already figured out one man, so I honeslty believe I did my social responsibility in that sense, especially that he is already married. He went on and on with that when I suggested we should get going so that I can still catch the reality on TV that night.  No, I did not say that but this was one of my motivations as it was still better than listening to him. While on the way to the exit, he started giving me unsolicited advice about myself: ” I tell you, so many men would be falling for you, if …. you were just not yourself! If you pretended to be a simple girl (!!! I mean at my age, a girl!!!) without opinion and everything. Mainly expectations. Even though I want an intelligent girl, you are too much for me, you are too fast and I would say you are like fire. So, please just don’t be yourself.” This is not the exact wording he used, but this was his message. I was everything but impressed and told him that the best thing is that he does not have to spend more time with this hell-of-a-lady, who is probably coming from the purgatory and has burning fire inside. And I left. The good news is, that I got home for the reality show and all the people around me like and love me for who I am and the way I am and that I am not seeing him anymore. The moral of the story? If someone is saying things that sound amazingly good are problaby not true, but let’s put them to the test! 🙂 More stories to come, until I find my better half! 🙂


Oh My, I had this blog before, but it got lonely because I was not writing anything. So the project that I am going to rock my life at 35 is still on. There are 3 main objectives: 1) have a killer body (like JLo, hahaha), 2) find my calling, whatever it is and last but not least 3) to find the man of my life. Or at least someone that I can put up with for more than 3 days. Or hours.

So far number 1 is going pretty well in the sense that I do go to the gym and my body is transforming into something I like.

Number 2 is in progress, meaning nothing happened. I don1t know if it just happens or you have to go after it, but it is not really happening. But one day it will. I hope.

Number 3 is an exciting topic (no) because I have not made any progress even though I AM trying. I wil share the stories, will start with the top ones. There are plenty, trust me, at least I am not bored.

So I make a promise to myself here that at least every week I will write an update about anything that happened to me. Mainly interesting, I hope.

Wishes and Outcomes

I honesty and truly believe in something bigger than me (like a truck), let it be called God, universe, fate, whatever that actually takes care of me when I am lost, in trouble or just want something very much in my life. I tried several methods and the positive thinking combined with diligent work always worked. Except when it does not work. Or it does because you always get exactly what you wish for. I want to share with you a perfect example for it. I was in the hotel room wanting for a hot guy to write me that he wants to meet me, asking me out for a date bla bla. Couple hours later I received a message from a guy that he wants to meet me. The only problem with that was that he was the one I turned down weeks ago that I am not interested in booty calls and similar stuff. But my message did not seem to go through to him. He still tried, probably hoping I changed my mind. So be careful when wishing for stuff because you get what you wish for. Be smarter than me and precise with your wishes. I definitely will be! 😀






The Progress

3200f88c38ddd8fa13d20346272df1deHahaha, progress. Quite interesting what we consider as progress. So the plan is still that by 35, I will have a body I have always wanted, but I guess my legs will never be longer, I will speak German quite well and also find my passion. In a nutshell. I started the work and so far so good, however, I do not feel the any progress is made yet. Especially, that when I scanned through instagram,  I saw that Cristiano Ronaldo has less hair on his legs than me after waxing. So what am I doing wrong? But focusing on the above 3 points, here is the weekly sum up:

  1. Body – I went to the gym 2 times a week to train with a personal trainer. No, it was not my idea, I got it as a present from my ex-colleagues: 5 times training with my favourite trainer. So we already met twice, I shocked him with my age (haha) and we plan to meet 3 times a week for 3 months to see what comes out of my body in that time. The good thing is that I really enjoy working with him, he is hot and funny and waits for me at 6.30 am in the gym. And I also went to yoga last week and plan to do it once a week as well. But since after class my clothes are soaked and I cannot really wear my glasses, it will be though, but I try to keep that up as well.
  2. German – this week the weather wanted to stop me from learning. There was a storm exactly when I wanted to go to class. I mean it was raining so heavily that the whole city got almost under water and the water even got into my garage, that I should clean, but that’s another story. But nothing’s gonna stop me – we had the class on Skype and I am still proud of myself, I can speak a lot better than 3 months ago. So definite progress made there!
  3. Finding my passion – loading
  4. Man – well, at least it became obvious that men in my country just  watched the 50 Shades of Grey because I got at least 4 messages about SDMB (I might have misspelled it) and if I am that type of woman, but unfortunately unmatch came quite soon. But on social media sites I got messages that made me happy, about these in a separate post because men do deserve at least a full one.
  5. On Friday night I broke my toilet, could not fine any better things to do it seems. But  it got fixed today, so I am all happy and relaxed and ready for next week, when I am spending some days abroad for work and then will have a long weekend!

Well, a bit more than 3 points, but at least it can be seen that I make the best programs for myself, even for Friday night.  Continue reading

Long Week, Short Post

298962ddb86832718d6be23c1ecfa028So I still have the plan to improve my life in the next 1,5 years and I made the first steps last week. I plan to have a weekly review on all the things I accomplish, even if it is nothing or I go backwards. So last week:

  • I rescued the mails caught up in my mailbox. It cost me a fortune and did not give me the results, but definitely was worth it since the guy doing it was quite hot. Nothing is for free, as we all know…
  • I tracked down my official papers – they are at the post, probably getting lost right now, but it got confirmed that it is not enough to ask people to do something in writing, in words – they won’t do it. The reason? I guess they just don’t care.
  • German went really well, I amazed myself and it is not easy. After that I went out with a friend and realised that men would be interested in me – if I was interested in them
  • I bought my new phone and got my commitment-to-sports card (how many times I will regret that, oh my, I already know it) – so definitely dedicated to get myself in shape. Have I used it since then? Of course not! Whatever… But went to one of my new ex-colleagues farewell party…
  • Met friends as planned and had a great time with them as always. I am very lucky to have them in my life and that they also support me in any endeavour of mine.
  • Oh, work! I am so happy there, I will need to travel for some days abroad, I will get a company credit card for that and I just love my tasks!! I feel that I am still on holidays and my colleagues are also fun!!

So, I think I have made a lot of progress and I also slept quite a lot that was awesome and no funny stories for the week, no fun tinder dates, but about these in a different post.

17,5 Months


17,5 months – this is the time left until my 35th birthday. 32 and 33 were already sort of shocking me, but now I am shooting for the stars and getting ready for the 35th. It is only a number anyway. I decided that I launch a new project, named Rock Your Life at 35. No project plan whatsoever, but I want to have the body I have always wanted, 1,5 years should be enough to get rid of the fat and show the muscles that are actually there. 3 months were enough for nothing, so I safely give myself 6 times more and also to allow for the give ups and start agains – as I do most of the time. The other element of the project is that I changed jobs. Which removed the stress, which allows me to have a life, which allows me to do whatever I want to do, which allows me to be happy. I am quite happy with my decision and also very happy that I am me and spend all of my time with myself.   Quite good company, indeed. So with less responsibility, flexible working hours I will do what I owe to my teenager self: to learn German and to be successful according to my standards which does not involve a tons of money, but a lot of curiosity, openness, fun, laughter, sarcasm and whatever life brings. This is one of the reasons for this blog – to write and to see if this is really my way or I need to find something else or simply just go back to the 9to5 and try to survive my life. I have 17,5 months exactly to make it happen and I will document my progress or no progress here together with my daily “struggles” in life as a single women – at the moment.

For the body project I already signed myself up at the gym until the end of the year (my longest and most serious commitment since 2010), I bought the phone I have always wanted, have the next 2 appointments at my beautician and bought strawberries for dinner. And I have not smoked for 5 days. I think I am awesome and nothing can stop me this time. Just a locked up mail box.

First Adventure

Let me share with you the first adventure of Catherine P. with you. As a diligent worker, Catherine P. goes to work every weekday to produce the GDP she is supposed to in order to support her country’s economy. One day as she got home from work, wanted to check her mailbox for the invoices so that she can pay them on time to avoid any penalties, but she could not open it. She was sure that it just go stuck, therefore did not really care, resigned at the workplace to go to another company to work and then to set sail for her well-deserved holidays on a different continent. She was sure that by the time she gets back, the mailbox will fix itself. But it did not. So she took a screwdriver to open it. She tried several times on different days and in different hours of the day and last night she got helpless and hopeless, therefore called a locksmith this morning to help her. Of course everybody was telling her that she can open it herself, but they forgot that she is a woman and to do things like this is a man’s work. But since no man is around to help her out, she needs to find her way through life – at least until she finds one or the locksmith opens her mailbox.