17,5 Months


17,5 months – this is the time left until my 35th birthday. 32 and 33 were already sort of shocking me, but now I am shooting for the stars and getting ready for the 35th. It is only a number anyway. I decided that I launch a new project, named Rock Your Life at 35. No project plan whatsoever, but I want to have the body I have always wanted, 1,5 years should be enough to get rid of the fat and show the muscles that are actually there. 3 months were enough for nothing, so I safely give myself 6 times more and also to allow for the give ups and start agains – as I do most of the time. The other element of the project is that I changed jobs. Which removed the stress, which allows me to have a life, which allows me to do whatever I want to do, which allows me to be happy. I am quite happy with my decision and also very happy that I am me and spend all of my time with myself.   Quite good company, indeed. So with less responsibility, flexible working hours I will do what I owe to my teenager self: to learn German and to be successful according to my standards which does not involve a tons of money, but a lot of curiosity, openness, fun, laughter, sarcasm and whatever life brings. This is one of the reasons for this blog – to write and to see if this is really my way or I need to find something else or simply just go back to the 9to5 and try to survive my life. I have 17,5 months exactly to make it happen and I will document my progress or no progress here together with my daily “struggles” in life as a single women – at the moment.

For the body project I already signed myself up at the gym until the end of the year (my longest and most serious commitment since 2010), I bought the phone I have always wanted, have the next 2 appointments at my beautician and bought strawberries for dinner. And I have not smoked for 5 days. I think I am awesome and nothing can stop me this time. Just a locked up mail box.


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