The Progress

3200f88c38ddd8fa13d20346272df1deHahaha, progress. Quite interesting what we consider as progress. So the plan is still that by 35, I will have a body I have always wanted, but I guess my legs will never be longer, I will speak German quite well and also find my passion. In a nutshell. I started the work and so far so good, however, I do not feel the any progress is made yet. Especially, that when I scanned through instagram,  I saw that Cristiano Ronaldo has less hair on his legs than me after waxing. So what am I doing wrong? But focusing on the above 3 points, here is the weekly sum up:

  1. Body – I went to the gym 2 times a week to train with a personal trainer. No, it was not my idea, I got it as a present from my ex-colleagues: 5 times training with my favourite trainer. So we already met twice, I shocked him with my age (haha) and we plan to meet 3 times a week for 3 months to see what comes out of my body in that time. The good thing is that I really enjoy working with him, he is hot and funny and waits for me at 6.30 am in the gym. And I also went to yoga last week and plan to do it once a week as well. But since after class my clothes are soaked and I cannot really wear my glasses, it will be though, but I try to keep that up as well.
  2. German – this week the weather wanted to stop me from learning. There was a storm exactly when I wanted to go to class. I mean it was raining so heavily that the whole city got almost under water and the water even got into my garage, that I should clean, but that’s another story. But nothing’s gonna stop me – we had the class on Skype and I am still proud of myself, I can speak a lot better than 3 months ago. So definite progress made there!
  3. Finding my passion – loading
  4. Man – well, at least it became obvious that men in my country just  watched the 50 Shades of Grey because I got at least 4 messages about SDMB (I might have misspelled it) and if I am that type of woman, but unfortunately unmatch came quite soon. But on social media sites I got messages that made me happy, about these in a separate post because men do deserve at least a full one.
  5. On Friday night I broke my toilet, could not fine any better things to do it seems. But  it got fixed today, so I am all happy and relaxed and ready for next week, when I am spending some days abroad for work and then will have a long weekend!

Well, a bit more than 3 points, but at least it can be seen that I make the best programs for myself, even for Friday night. 


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