Wishes and Outcomes

I honesty and truly believe in something bigger than me (like a truck), let it be called God, universe, fate, whatever that actually takes care of me when I am lost, in trouble or just want something very much in my life. I tried several methods and the positive thinking combined with diligent work always worked. Except when it does not work. Or it does because you always get exactly what you wish for. I want to share with you a perfect example for it. I was in the hotel room wanting for a hot guy to write me that he wants to meet me, asking me out for a date bla bla. Couple hours later I received a message from a guy that he wants to meet me. The only problem with that was that he was the one I turned down weeks ago that I am not interested in booty calls and similar stuff. But my message did not seem to go through to him. He still tried, probably hoping I changed my mind. So be careful when wishing for stuff because you get what you wish for. Be smarter than me and precise with your wishes. I definitely will be! 😀