First Adventure

Let me share with you the first adventure of Catherine P. with you. As a diligent worker, Catherine P. goes to work every weekday to produce the GDP she is supposed to in order to support her country’s economy. One day as she got home from work, wanted to check her mailbox for the invoices so that she can pay them on time to avoid any penalties, but she could not open it. She was sure that it just go stuck, therefore did not really care, resigned at the workplace to go to another company to work and then to set sail for her well-deserved holidays on a different continent. She was sure that by the time she gets back, the mailbox will fix itself. But it did not. So she took a screwdriver to open it. She tried several times on different days and in different hours of the day and last night she got helpless and hopeless, therefore called a locksmith this morning to help her. Of course everybody was telling her that she can open it herself, but they forgot that she is a woman and to do things like this is a man’s work. But since no man is around to help her out, she needs to find her way through life – at least until she finds one or the locksmith opens her mailbox.


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