Long Week, Short Post

298962ddb86832718d6be23c1ecfa028So I still have the plan to improve my life in the next 1,5 years and I made the first steps last week. I plan to have a weekly review on all the things I accomplish, even if it is nothing or I go backwards. So last week:

  • I rescued the mails caught up in my mailbox. It cost me a fortune and did not give me the results, but definitely was worth it since the guy doing it was quite hot. Nothing is for free, as we all know…
  • I tracked down my official papers – they are at the post, probably getting lost right now, but it got confirmed that it is not enough to ask people to do something in writing, in words – they won’t do it. The reason? I guess they just don’t care.
  • German went really well, I amazed myself and it is not easy. After that I went out with a friend and realised that men would be interested in me – if I was interested in them
  • I bought my new phone and got my commitment-to-sports card (how many times I will regret that, oh my, I already know it) – so definitely dedicated to get myself in shape. Have I used it since then? Of course not! Whatever… But went to one of my new ex-colleagues farewell party…
  • Met friends as planned and had a great time with them as always. I am very lucky to have them in my life and that they also support me in any endeavour of mine.
  • Oh, work! I am so happy there, I will need to travel for some days abroad, I will get a company credit card for that and I just love my tasks!! I feel that I am still on holidays and my colleagues are also fun!!

So, I think I have made a lot of progress and I also slept quite a lot that was awesome and no funny stories for the week, no fun tinder dates, but about these in a different post.


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